Developing therapies to restore functioning in patients with orphan conditions of the brain and nervous system, so that they can live their lives to the fullest

Who We Are

Noema Pharma is a biotech company developing groundbreaking therapies to address the most disabling symptoms in orphan conditions of the brain and nervous system.

Noema’s research and development is focused on understanding and meeting patient needs using our novel therapies. We will achieve our goal through a full partnership with the communities of patients, their families and caregivers and through collaboration with health care providers and policy makers.

Noema’s experienced and motivated team has a track record of successfully developing and commercializing therapies for conditions affecting the nervous system around the world.
Top wave


NOE-115 TRI NOE-101 mGluR5 NAM NOE-101 mGluR5 NAM Pre-ClinicalPHASE 1PHASE 2PHASE 3 NOE-105 PDE 10Ai NOE-109 mGluR2/3 NAM Seizures in TSC 1 Pain in TN 2 3 3 Tourette Syndrome Undisclosed Undisclosed 1. Tuberous Sclerosis Complex 2. Trigeminal Neuralgia 3. Under Phase 2 indication validation
Pre-ClinicalPHASE 1PHASE 2PHASE 3NOE-101mGluR5 NAMSeizures in TSC1NOE-101mGluR5 NAMPain in TN2NOE-105PDE 10AiTourette SyndromeNOE-109mGluR2/3 NAMUndisclosed3NOE-115TRIUndisclosed31: Tuberous Sclerosis Complex 2: Trigeminal Neuralgia 3: Under Phase 2 indication validation

Our Science

Noema focuses on orphan CNS diseases characterized by imbalanced neuronal networks leading to unresolved severe symptoms and significant impact on patient’s overall functioning. 

NOE-101 mGluR5 NAM
A highly selective, potent, and cell penetrant negative allosteric modulator of mGlu5 receptors for the treatment of seizures associated with tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC) and for the management of pain associated with Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN).

NOE-105 PDE10A inhibitor
A potent selective PDE10A inhibitor that safely modulates dopamine D2 receptor signaling in people with Tourette Syndrome (TS).

Experience and Vision

The Noema team has extensive experience in global pharma and biotech organizations in developing and commercializing innovative therapies for neurological and psychiatric indications.


Luigi Costa

Chief Executive Officer

George Garibaldi, MD

Chief Medical Officer


Antoine Papiernik

Darren Carroll

Arthur Franken 

Andreas Wallnöfer



Noema Pharma to attend Swiss Biotech Day and the UBS Biotech Private Company Symposium in September 2021

BASEL, Switzerland, September 2, 2021 – Noema Pharma, a Swiss-based clinical stage company targeting orphan central nervous system (CNS) diseases, today announces it will attend …

Noema Pharma initiates Phase 2a Allevia study of PDE10A inhibitor NOE-105 in Tourette Syndrome

First Noema clinical trial, with asset in-licensed from Roche with strong clinical safety package Noema advancing potentially life-changing therapeutics for patients without satisfactory treatments Basel, …

Noema Pharma to Host a Key Opinion Leader Webinar on Seizures in Tuberous Sclerosis Complex

BASEL, Switzerland, July 7, 2021, Basel, Switzerland – Noema Pharma (‘Noema”) AG, a Swiss clinical-stage company targeting orphan neurological disorders, will host a key opinion …


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